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Surface Cleaning

surface-cleaningWe clean vertical and horizontal surfaces.  If it’s a wall, or the ground, we can clean it.  Our methods vary depending on the surface.  Environmentally friendly soaps are used when necessary.  Using heated water at high volume and pressure gets rid of most dirt. 

Equipment used could include:
  • Cold Water pressure washer – 3000 psi at 4 gallons per minute
  • Hot Water pressure washer  –  3000 psi, 4 gallons per minute at 270 fahrenheit
  • Steam
  • Wheeled surface cleaner –  20 inch cleaning path makes quick work of sidewalks
  • Rotary tip or fan tip wand.Mountain Medical building wash 018
Some of the surfaces we clean regularly: 
  • Sidewalks and exposed aggregate.   Concrete sealing also available.
  • Front entranceway gum removal
  • Garbage Bins and Grease Bins as well as the surrounding areas are pressure washed with heated, high pressure water, and then sanitized.  
  • Building exteriors 
  • Paint Prep with rotary blasting on outdoor pools.