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Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning by ASTTBC certified technicians.

Automatic Fire Suppression Systems:  Testing & Installations.

Kitchen Degreasing:  Range Tops, Flat Tops, Fryers as well as floors, walls and ceilings.

Portable Fire Extinguisher Service:  We are fully equipped to do all work on-site.

    • Annual Inspection: all extinguishers must be serviced and inspected annually.
    • Every 6 years all dry chemical extinguishers must be discharged and internally inspected.
    • Every 12 years all dry chemical extinguishers must be discharged and  hydrostatically tested.
    • Wet Chemical Portable Fire Extinguishers must be hydrotested every 5 years.

Industrial Cleaning:  Hot water blasting, steam cleaning and chemical cleaning.

Exterior Pressure Washing:   No building too big or too small

Surface Cleaning of cement walkways and driveways. For that extra shine we can seal your aggregate with a high gloss sealer, or choose a regular sealer if you just want to protect it.

All our work is covered by an unconditional guarantee of satisfaction and a 2 million dollar liability policy. We also carry WCB coverage to protect both you and our employees.

Please call Donald Fougere at 250 319-6554 with any questions or to book an appointment.